How to Play

set up
  1. • Divide into two (or more) equal teams.  
  2. • Play begins with the player who tossed the last salad—literally or figuratively. 
  3. • Each turn lasts one minute and should be timed by a member of a non-playing team.
  4. • When it is your turn you are the “the tosser.”


round 1

First tosser: Take a clue from the bowl and, using any words except those on the paper, attempt to get your teammates to guess the clue. As soon as it is guessed correctly, put the clue aside and select another. Repeat as many times as possible before one minute runs out. Score one point for every clue guessed. 

NOTE: If you use any of the words on the paper, you must throw the clue back in the bowl—your turn ends. Don’t know the clue or don’t like the clue? Tough titty—try your best until time runs out.

*the nasty
Orange asterixed clues have especially delicious dual meanings
(e.g. “pink socks”). So we give you a choice: 

For 1 pt: Take the conventional route and describe those cute wooly numbers grandma knit for your last birthday or...
For 3 pts: Embrace the tosser spirit, bear down hard and
let’s hear about that low hanging fruit. 

Once the first tosser from each team has played, play goes to the second tosser on each team, and so on around the bowl. Keep going around until every player has had a chance at the fun or the bowl is empty.   

You can stop here, tally up the scores and declare a winner. or if you are the masochist we think you are, more humiliation awaits. Pay attention...


round 2

If there are clues left in the bowl after round 1, put them aside. Take all the clues that have been guessed by all teams in round 1, recrumple them, put them back in the bowl and toss that salad.  

Play continues in the same exact way…with one big change. Now you can only use three words to get your team to guess the clue. Harder right? (Hint, pay attention to keywords in early rounds.) 

NOTE: If you use more than the allowed number of words (that’s three), you must throw the clue back in the bowl—your turn ends.

When every tosser has had his/her moment of glory or all clues are gone, tally the scores and celebrate the team who tossed the best salad.



round 3

Don’t go to bed yet! Again, discard any clues that are still in the bowl after round 2. Crumple and retoss the clues. Play continues as per rounds 1 & 2 except now…wait for it…YOU CAN’T TALK AT ALL.
Revel in this moment charades players (Hint: establish hand signals in early rounds.), and good luck acting out  “dutch oven."

NOTE: If you say a single word during your turn, you must throw the clue back in the bowl—your turn ends.

toss on...