What the hell is this?

What the hell is this?

It's a fast paced game of quick thinking and acting totally nasty • A useless vocabulary lesson— you’ll never use these words again • A memory test, your worst since grade school, and for what? • The reason you'll need to find new friends tomorrow.

  • You've Played this Game a Million Times

    You know the game. It's late, you've had a few, you force your friends to make up a bunch of stupid clues, throw them in a bowl, and you've got 60 seconds to get your team to guess as many as clues as possible.

  • So Here's the Good News

    We've done all the work for you. The clues are all here ready to go. No more watching that guy drool on the sofa or those two finally disappear into the other room. Just open the lid and play.

  • But Afraid There's Some Bad News

    This is Tossed Salad—go look it up if you've been living in a convent and don't know what we mean. It's tasteless. It's puerile. It's just plain offensive. But, hey, at least it's recyclable. Enjoy!

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